Happy New Year - ready or not, here comes 2017!

2017 . . . seems like just a few days ago we were worried about the new millennium, 2000 . . . and now, here we are about to dive into 2017!! A new year, all fresh and clean and unmarred by anything! So 2017, let’s just get something straight . . . we all know you will challenge us, you will make us happy, you will make us sad . . . but if we really give you a chance, I think you could be a banner year. We all have so much to give, so much to share, so much to learn. My promise to all of you is to continue to share with you wonderful places, to learn right along side of you and if at all possible, help you to check off a ‘Bucket List’ item. This beautiful country of ours has so much to offer, Ohio has so many incredible adventures for us to enjoy and honestly, just enjoying new friends, making memories and laughing til your belly hurts can truly feed your soul!

I am so passionate about what I do in this business – I cannot thank each one of you enough for continuing to support Western Reserve Tours by traveling with us, reading my emails, keeping in touch, sharing your life experiences and just being there! I love hearing from you – if you have ideas for trips, “hey Sandy, did you ever think about going to . . . ?”, sharing destinations that you have enjoyed, etc.

We may not be able to make 2017 a nothing bad year, but we can put all the good things in all caps and bold face . . . WESTERN RESERVE TOURS IS READY TO HELP YOU CREATE A MEMORY THAT WILL MAKE YOU SMILE EVERY TIME YOU THINK ABOUT IT!!

Call me – 330-325-7330, email me: busmom@sbcglobal.net or check out my website westernreservetours.com – updating every chance I get!!

In the meantime – Happy New Year – I wish you the best and I continue to pray for Peace for our country, the world and each and every one of us!

Sandy Herring, BusMom

January 15, 2017: Disney on Ice

February 6 – Home & Garden Show

March 25 – The King & I

March – Cirque de Soleil – AVATAR!!!

March 19 – Mama Mia

More details on my website: westernreservetours.com

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